Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are an important and time-saving appliance in our home, and they really are a workhorse in most Evanston homes. They are simple and easy to use and have your dishware crisp and clean quickly, saving us time and effort.

When they stop working, the world can turn upside down and we have to revert to hand washing dishes! There’s a couple of issues that are common with dishwashers…

Signs that it’s Time for repairs

The Dishes Stay Dirty

If you’re making sure that the plates are scraped off before being loaded in, and the machine is definitely not overloaded. There could be a serious fault with your appliance.


It’s Not Starting

If your appliance makes a noise when trying to turn on like a humming noise, it could be that the motor is stuck. If there’s no sound, disconnect it from the outlet and give us a call.


It’s Not Filling

If your dishwasher isn’t filling, it could be a few things… However, the main thing we see quite often with our customers is that the door isn’t closing correctly or the locks on the doors are failing. This is put in place to stop you from opening the door during the cycle and flooding your kitchen.

It Keeps Filling

The opposite of the other issue above is when the dishwasher continuously fills. It’s important to get this looked at ASAP, but it could be an issue with the float switch or the timer, both of which can get stuck. If this doesn’t sort it we’ll be able to check the inlet valve for issues.


The Water isn’t Draining Out

If water isn’t draining correctly from your dishwasher, it could be that a filter or drain is blocked. These can be cleared out with ease and the filter should be replaced every 6 months or so. If this doesn’t sort it, we can take a look.


It’s Leaking Water

A leak is not an issue that should be ignored, but there can be smaller leaks that disappear after some time. If the appliance is overloaded, leaks can be caused with ease, but you shouldn’t see this recurring. If the appliance is leaking regularly, we’ll need to take a look for you.

The Door Won’t Latch

The door is no easy part to troubleshoot. If the dishwasher door isn’t closed correctly, it won’t run a cycle. The same applies if the door hinges are misaligned or the latch has become worn, which happens over time.

We can be called out to check this issue.


It’s Noisy When Running

Although dishwashers do make some ambient noise when running, if you notice sounds such as grinding or knocking noises, chances are its bad news. The best thing you can do is disconnect and stop using the machine until it’s been checked by a professional service like ours.


Call the Best Dishwasher Repair Service in Evanston

When it comes down to it, repairing electrical appliances is no easy feat, especially when water is involved. But for a professional repair technician, it can be an easy thing to sort. We always advise against any kind of DIY repairs unless you’ve got plenty of experience to show for it.

You risk voiding your warranty if attempting DIY repairs, and not to mention that if something gets rewired incorrectly it could turn a seemingly simple issue, into a larger one. For an appliance like this, the fire risk is slightly more extreme than other major appliances, and therefore we recommend against attempting to fix it yourself.

Give us a call today and we’ll happily discuss your situation. You won’t find a better service anywhere else.