Ice Maker Repair

During the super hot summer months, there’s little better than a cold beverage with ice cubes floating around in it.

An appliance that makes our life easier and is extremely convenient in hot weather is an ice machine. It provides us with an easy way to keep drinks cool during extreme heat.

During these summer months, the ice maker is the workhorse of the kitchen and because of this, it can be prone to faults. Luckily for you, there’s a solution just a phone call away that can have your ice machine back up and running before the end of the day.

By calling Sam’s Appliance Repair you save yourself the time and frustration of attempting DIY repairs, and you’ll receive the best service in the region. We are able to provide maintenance and repairs to all major brands of ice makers.


What are Common Problems?

Ice makers are simple devices for the most part and it doesn’t take much to fix an issue with one. But even so, you need a general knowledge of how they work. Because of this, we do not recommend any kind of DIY repairs, you could cause more damage to the appliance.


Is the pause function on?

If the ice machine is at full capacity, or if the pause function has been manually set, it can stop the production of ice. Check this.


Is the Control Arm in the Correct Position?

Most Ice Maker models use a control arm to control the amount of ice is made. As the ice fills the appliance, the arm moves out of position and once full, the production of ice is paused. Take a look at your owner’s manual before calling us.


How Low is the Temperature?

It’s a common misconception that the lower the temperature, the more ice is produced. If you set the thermostat temperature too low, water will freeze before even reaching the mold. Consult your owner’s manual to see the correct temperature setting.


The Filter Might Be Clogged

Another common issue with ice makers is that they often become clogged, specifically the filter. By checking this and providing maintenance to the machine, you’ll experience fewer issues. If your filter is not blocked, ensure the waterline does not have any visible damage or is blocked.


Clear a Frozen Line

To begin the operation of clearing a frozen line, disconnect the appliance from the power and wait for the defrosting to begin. If you don’t feel like waiting around for the defrost to begin, a hairdryer on a low setting can come in handy.

When using a hairdryer, ensure that it doesn’t touch the line as it may melt it.

After you’ve done this, test the appliance again. If it’s still having issues, call us.


Ice Production is Lower than it should be

Usually, this happens when the water supply line is blocked or starting to freeze. We’ve listed a few steps to fix this above.



If your appliance is leaking, ensure that it hasn’t been moved recently and is level on the ground. If it’s not this, it could be the water supply line that is damaged or bent in some way. For a leak, it may be better to get a professional out as they are best not ignored.


Give Us a Call

To miss out on the frustration of having a faulty ice maker, make sure you call a reputable appliance repair company like Sam’s. Give us a call or hit the button here to get in contact.