Oven Repair

An oven is the workhorse of the household when it comes to major appliances we use every day. They cook our dinners for us and our families, they bake the cakes for special occasions and much more.

For that reason, when the oven faults or stops working, it can be a complete nightmare. But don’t worry! If you’re from in or around Evanston, IL, there’s an easy solution. Sam’s Appliance Repair has some of the best certified and trained technicians available. Don’t leave your oven broken…

Give us a call today, we can have someone to your doorstep quickly and painlessly to fix any issue with your oven. No problem is too large or small, whether your fault stands with the cooktop, stove, range or oven, we can fix it.


When Should You Call Us?

The oven is one appliance we absolutely must advise that you don’t try DIY repairs on. But there are a few simple checks and solutions you can try. However, if the issue persists with the oven’s elements, DIY repair is probably the worst thing you can do.

Give us a call to get it fixed quickly and painlessly.


My oven isn’t heating at all

If your oven isn’t heating turning on, it could be a number of things. You’ll notice quickly if your oven has no power by checking that any digital displays and lights that usually show are lit up as they should be. If they aren’t lit up, ensure that power is coming from the outlet. If the issue isn’t with the power, we’re your best bet, give us a call.


My oven doesn’t reach the correct temperature

Each oven is different from the last. Every oven has more hot and cold spots than the last. More often than not, experimentation is needed to find which tier and temperature work best for your cooking style.

But the problem here is when the temperature doesn’t reach the correct level. For example, if you set the temperature at 200 and it doesn’t reach anywhere near. Usually, the main culprits are the sensor, element or thermostat.

We’ll be able to get a professional out to figure out the problem and explain how to calibrate your oven’s temperatures correctly going forward.

You Can’t Shut the Door Properly

If your oven door won’t close, you shouldn’t use your oven at all. It can be dangerous to even attempt cooking something without the door latching closed entirely. With gaps, the oven cannot maintain the correct temperature and you may end up with more than one issue if left unattended.

If left unattended, you’ll be wasting money on bills for gas or electricity, which can get expensive very quickly. For that reason, and to save you money, call us today.

Generally, when there are issues with the door on an oven it’s the hinges or gasket (which seals the door fully).


The above are just a few of the most common issues we see with business and home ovens. If you begin to notice any issues with your oven, call us ASAP – Our team of professionals will get it sorted quickly and painlessly.