Refrigerator Repair

A fridge is an appliance that works every day, every week and every month, all year round. There’s nothing better than grabbing a cold drink from your fridge on a scorching summer day. But when that cold can of cola is instead lukewarm because your fridge is having issues, it’s not so great.

If you’ve experienced issues with your fridge, you need fast and reliable fridge repair. If you’re from in or around Evanston, you’re in the right place. We realize that your fridge is a key part of your daily life and you’ll need it fixed as fast as possible.

For this reason, we’re able to get engineers out to your home quickly and painlessly. When they are there, they will be able to find the cause of the issue and give you the best options going forward. After which we’ll find a solution that’s budget-friendly and simple for you.

We’ll always provide you with the best money-saving option that provides the best quality service. For that reason, we’ll often go for repairs instead of replacements, and we’re pretty good at both.

Why Choose Us?

Our Service Difference

Although anyone, with the correct amount of training, “fix” an appliance. The attention to detail engineers provide will make the repairs last for longer. Along with ensuring there are no other issues when fixing one major issue. Although replacing one part might fix one issue, if another issue shows up a few months down the line, it’s not much good.

Sam’s Appliance Repair Engineers are on hand to ensure the whole system is running as good as new. When we fix one issue, we will fix any others.


Our Experience

Our team of professionals is trained, certified and experienced to service all major brands of appliances with ease. They understand how the appliance works and how it is built and can sort your issue quickly thanks to the extensive experience under their belt.


Our Prices

We’re not here to suck every last penny you have our of your bank account. Our strategy is to build lasting relationships with our customers because a repeat customer is better than a one time customer.

Our prices will always be affordable to ensure you don’t break the bank.


We’re Professionals

We strive to be and always be a professional service by professional people. It’s a terrible thing when the people you scheduled with turn up later. We won’t do that. If we set a time, expect us to meet it. We won’t keep you waiting.

Not to mention our repairs will always be the best quality, if we say it’s sorted, it’s sorted. And we’ll be out of there without a trace, always cleaning up after ourselves.


We’ll Repair DIY Work

If you’ve tried DIY repairs and it didn’t work, we’ll be able to make the repair for you and make sure it lasts, without questions or judgment. We respect that you attempted DIY repairs and if it didn’t work out, it’s no biggie.

It can be hard to justify hiring a professional repair service, and that’s why most people turn to DIY repairs without realizing it can actually be more expensive and there’s a whole host of things that can go wrong.

Give us a call and we’ll be right out to get long-lasting repairs given to your appliance, quickly and painlessly.